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Kona Ann (E.A.B.)
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Hello! my name is Kona Elise Ann Becker but you can call me Kona! 8D

Other Accounts:
FoM Manga account: :iconfangs-of-midnight:
MLP:FiM account: :iconpatter-paw:
Commission are open!

feel free to send me a note if you're interested!

and don't forget the special offer! right here:


Commission Menu


Sketches: $10.00
Chibis: $10.00
Busts: $5.00
Waist-Ups: $15.00
Full-Body: $20.00

Lines: +$0.00
Flat Color: +5.00
Cell Shade: +10.00
Soft-Shade: +25.00

Simple BG: +$15.00
Complex BG: $20.00

(note that these prices are still very much on the fence since i have never sold one before. and these prices will be heavily weighed on complexity. there is a high chance these prices may rise after more practice while i study how much work and money goes into them.)

base price still-standing sculpture: $50.00

base price poseable doll: $150.00

:star:select one from each section and add it together for the price.
:bulletred:The only options for Sculptures are bust/waist up/full body, and still-standing/poseable doll

:star: the prices range from $5.00 to $60.00 for illustrations

:star: $55.00 to $165.00 for Sculptures (again, still heavily weighed by complexity.)

:star: prices are subject to slight modification depending on complexity of the commission

my Nick-names?
Kona if fine for me ^^

I love Comments and Critiques more than Favorites :)


Hey yall!
I'm sorry for the character overload OTL (theres still more coming kshid;og)
I was on a roll, and wanted to get all of them out before i forgot (plus one of them has a deadline;;)

yeah! :D
we're really getting the ball rolling on :iconwild-and-regal:
its not open yet, but at this rate, should be open very soon~
(our founder is on her honeymoon and will be moving shortly after, so we need to wait for her! ;u;/ :heart:)

but we'd LOVELOVELOVE to meet you guys, any potential members! :D 
so if you're interested in the group, or just wana chill, feel free to pop over to the OOC chat here!: cometalktousweresolonelywheeeeeze
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WaR - Baldrek, The Stoic Alpha by Kona-Ann
WaR - Baldrek, The Stoic Alpha

there he iiiiiisssss, my big boy vuv
welcome the Alpha of the Mowaka Sanctuary!


Nickname: 'Drake' (like the dragon) 
Age: 6 years (Adult)
Gender: Male

Build: Baldrek is a rather large canine. his frame is built up of powerful muscles, thick legs, and big paws. his dark pelt is rather thick and only the inner most layers of his fur are a light color.  
Height: 36'
Weight: 120 lb.
Species/Breed: Wolf Dog. Alaskan Malamute, Timber Wolf mix

Territory: the Mowaka Sanctuary
Family: Eiene, and Belvedere (Adoptive Children)
Rank: Alpha

+ Kind, Sensable Canines
+ Water
+ Respect
+ (soft spot) Pups
- elitists (those who think one species is higher than another)
- unreasonable blood-shed
- disrespect, or free-loaders
- The Golden Manes, or Blutkreig Pack

Personality: upon first impression, Baldrek is likely to come off as a very serious, stoic, wolf of little words. this is likely because he likes to observe an individual before deciding how to act towards/around them. hes cautious, and though sheilded under the kindness he gives- is not quick to trust anyone. while he dose not exhert a wide range of emotions, he dose very much care for any and all members of his sanctuary, and treats them with respect. you can know if you've gotten close to him if he laughs, or makes wise-cracks at you. only those closest to him have ever seen him out of his rock-hard shell, those he dose deepdeepdown have the ability to let loose and just have fun. still, he is mostly under stress trying to make sure everyone is well, happy, healthy, and protected, and it drains his energy- so he chooses to reserve it for when its most needed. 

Pre-Group History: Baldrek was born to a Malamute mother, his father being a lone wolf- who was not ever seen after his afair with his mother. he grew up in a small litter, signifiantly bigger than most of his siblings. he was also born into captivity by humans, relatively decent humans- using their dogs for work, and breeding. he never got to know his siblings before they were sold off to other owners. being that he was of particular size, and pelt- his owners kept him, and he was able to grow up in the loving pressence of his mother. she taught him many valuble lessons, as she feared he would be ostrosized for being half wolf. she taught him that there was no breed, no species that was better than one another, they were all equal. 

however, things took a quick turn for the worst when the human's turned on their canine counter parts. pets, and captive dogs were the first to get swiped up and taken to the farms. in the imprisonent that was the dog-farms, Baldrek met Horo, the daughter of the Golden Manes Alpha pair. when they made plan's to break out, he agreed to do everything in his power to help them. but even this the success, the pain, and strife wasn't over as their remaining group was attacked by the wolves. he tried to stop them, to convince them that Dogs were not their enemies- but his words did not go through, and the dogs paid the consiquences. he quickly turned into an enemy to the Golden Manes, being accused of treason, and was offered to stay or leave, and upon witnessing the hate, and elitist additudes between wolves, and dogs, took his leave. 

While no longer with the Golden Manes pack, he lingered in the distance, keeping an eye out to see how and of the few wolf-dogs were being treated. he would allow judgement passed on he, himself- but would not stand for others like him to be judged by his actions. upon seeing their treatment after his departure- he began to make plans to charge in and save them. he mulled it over for weeks, all the while unaware to the fact he was being watched. upon preparing for this mission, a small silver fox came up to him- laughing at his plans, calling him pig-headed, brutish, and stupid. she got his so riled up that it caused a chase though the forest. he was so dead set on catching her with his teeth, that as she dove under a log- he got stuck. he pulled, and yanked, and struggled, but eventually tired himself out trying to un-stuck his head. the fox, all the while, laughing at him, though soon she gave him some simple advise and his head was free. she explained to him that he was too quick to bite, and let his aggression get in the way of his thought process. soon enough, the two became good companions, and together- the created the Mowaka Sanctuary. with her clever thoughts, and his Protective instincts, the were able to secretly recruit members who were tired and beaten from the war into their home. to this day, their sanctuary remains a Secret to both the Golden Manes, and Blutkreig packs.

In the mix of all the new recuits, came a wolf named Serenity. she was pregnant, and alone. upon tending to her, and settling her in to the sanctuary, he succumbed to her beauty, and kindness- falling deeply in love with her. despite the fact that she was already pregnant, he could not have cared less, struck by Cupid's bow. when the pups were born, they had decided to avoid all complications, and have him pose as their real father. when their 'son', Belvedere became lost, he sent out search parties, even would go scouting himself in search for the boy....but several months passed an there was no sign of him. though it grieved him to do so, he had to turn his attention back to the sanctuary, and its members. As time went on, and Serenity began to get sick, he grew worried. he did everything he could for her- hardly able to stand the idea of loosing her.... but soon the time passed, and she slipped through his paws. though he did grieve, a lot of his pain from her loss is tucked away inside. he was still the Alpha of the sanctuary, and still had a Duty to his people. he had planned when Eirene was older, to tell her that he was not truly her father.... however after the loss of her brother, and mother- he decided it was one less loss she needed, and to this day has yet to tell her.

Group History: Yet to Happen.


Voice: don't mind the words, just the voice, and tone… and..... especially iggnore the 'dying' sounds X'D not accurate at all
WaR - Geist, The Insane by Kona-Ann
WaR - Geist, The Insane

eeeeeeeeee, my insane little baby~ its been a while since i've had an insane character. this is going to be fun >3


Nickname: Ghost, Reaper, 'G'
Age: 5 years (Adult)
Gender: Female

Build: Geist is built rather thick. she has powerful muscles, especially in her fore-paws, and shoulders. the back part of her is more slim, likely to suggest her ability to run far, with a strong forward push. her fur is very thick and bristly, not very soft, almost with a 'worn' appearance.
Height: 34'
Weight: 120 lb.
Species/Breed: Himalayan Wolf

Territory: Blutkreig
Family: None (ask if you'd like to be a part of her family~)
Rank: Gamma - Pack Guard

+ Blutkreig Wolves
+ causing Blood-spill
+ Play, or real fighting
+ 'when the sky cries' (rain)

- anything non-wolf (wary of non-blutkreig wolves)
- Dogs especially
- anyone who insults her, her family, or her friends.
- being beat in a fight

Personality:  insane. legitimately, and unquestionably, insane. not in the sense that she can't be understood, but she can, and will do things no wolf would ever think of doing. a sociopath, she had no grounds for the emotions of others, or empathy. while she'll likely kill you with little reason other than 'I wanted to', she is FEVERISHLY protective of her pack-mates and loved ones. if Geist is around when you decide to abuse her pack-mates, know it will most likely not end well for you. once you get past her disturbing personality, and have known her for a while- she can actually be quite the fun wolf to be around. she is easily amused, almost always Cackling, and is more than happy to try any new and sometimes.... obscure approaches to things.   

Pre-Group History:  Geist was born into the wolf pack, and loyal for as long as she can remember. she was a relatively well adjusted pup, happy, played with her litter-mates, and obeyed he parents. things couldn't have been better for her- so of course, things became worse. much worse. when she was young, a pack of hunting dogs lead their disgusting human's strait to her families den, where her parents, and most of her litter mates had little time to even wake before they were gunned down where they lay. having been near the back of the Den with a few of her siblings, she was luckily, but also unfortunately, spared. after the petrifying trama began to wear off, the small pups began to cry, and were quickly found by one of the Harem wolves, and taken in. this event is what sparked Geist's sociopathic nature. when time came she GLADLY served her part in the attack on the Golden Manes pack, taking revenge for her family.... though she is still not sated, and continues to seek revenge on any dog, regardless of their involvement. she'd be happy to see them all wiped off the face of the earth.

Group History: Yet to Happen.


Voice: don't mind the words, just the voice, and tone…
WaR - Rebasco, The Fisher by Kona-Ann
WaR - Rebasco, The Fisher
Heres one of my little babes for :iconwild-and-regal:
hes such a little cutie, and I love him 


Nickname: Basco, Reba
Age: 3 years (young Adult)
Gender: Male

Build: Basco is not a big dog by any means. infact, hes rather small, but even still he is not quite slim. he has a bit of bulk, but is not a muscally dog. hes built more for running, and flexibility.  
Height: 15'
Weight: 23 lb.
Species/Breed: Shiba Inu

Territory: Golden Manes
Family: None (ask if you'd like to be a part of his family~)
Rank: Delta - Scout

+ His Leader
+ Fish (nom~)
+ ladies~

- Heights
- being called short/small
- wolves, or anyone against the Golden Manes

Personality: Happy Go Lucky would be the best way to describe Basco. He will Put Blind Faith in someone if they present themselves as knowledgeable, or a leader, and thusly- Follows Horo to the end of the earth. hes loyal to a point, but his loyalty dose tend to get a bit thin when his life is being threatened- a little self-serving in that way- but for his Alpha? anything. He is also a bit of a 'ladies man' always shmoozin up the gals, but usually with little success as hes not the 'creme of the crop'. still, he always has a happy disposition, and loves to play games and tease (this comes out especially when he's being threatened, he simply can't shut his mouth.)

Pre-Group History: Basco comes from a long line of purebred Shibas. before the war, his family were known for accompanying fishers on their boat trips. ever since the rebellion against Humans, his family had taken to the art of Fishing themselves. Basco didn't exactly inherit these talents- hardly ever able to consintrate long enough to learn. he was quite the smoozer, and loved to gossip. due to this, he became quite the information broker, able to gain information out of someone just in casual conversation. his small, slythe, body allowed him to easily tuck himself away to eves drop as well. now that hes older however, he still to this day tries to practice at catching fish. he's not as impressive as his ansestors, but he's getting there.

Group History: Yet to Happen.


Voice: don't mind the words, just the voice, and tone…

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