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By the Halloween bug. 
yes..... my friends.
I am in need of some scary, gorey themed rps. 
I crave them like crazy a@/ 
Zombies, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, i don't care i want MOUNTAINS OF BONES AND RIVERS OF BLOOD!

pleeeeeeeheheheeease contact me if you want to do some scary/gorey rps ;u;/
skype or AIM work good ouob (or here, notes are just goofing up for me)
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Kona Ann (E.A.B.)
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello! my name is Kona Elise Ann Becker but you can call me Kona! 8D

Other Accounts:
FoM Manga account: :iconfangs-of-midnight:
MLP:FiM account: :iconpatter-paw:

Commission Menu


Sketches: $10.00
Chibis: $10.00
Busts: $5.00
Waist-Ups: $15.00
Full-Body: $20.00

Lines: +$0.00
Flat Color: +5.00
Cell Shade: +10.00
Soft-Shade: +25.00

Simple BG: +$15.00
Complex BG: $20.00

(note that these prices are still very much on the fence since i have never sold one before. and these prices will be heavily weighed on complexity. there is a high chance these prices may rise after more practice while i study how much work and money goes into them.)

base price still-standing sculpture: $50.00

base price poseable doll: $150.00

:star:select one from each section and add it together for the price.
:bulletred:The only options for Sculptures are bust/waist up/full body, and still-standing/poseable doll

:star: the prices range from $5.00 to $60.00 for illustrations

:star: $55.00 to $165.00 for Sculptures (again, still heavily weighed by complexity.)

:star: prices are subject to slight modification depending on complexity of the commission

my Nick-names?
Kona if fine for me ^^

I love Comments and Critiques more than Favorites :)


By the Halloween bug. 
yes..... my friends.
I am in need of some scary, gorey themed rps. 
I crave them like crazy a@/ 
Zombies, vampires, werewolves, serial killers, i don't care i want MOUNTAINS OF BONES AND RIVERS OF BLOOD!

pleeeeeeeheheheeease contact me if you want to do some scary/gorey rps ;u;/
skype or AIM work good ouob (or here, notes are just goofing up for me)
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Just when i thought I had settled my apartment- another thing smacks me in the face.
We had contacted 3 boys and asked if they wanted to take over our lease (a 3 bedroom apartment)
it was close to the school they would be going
we offered them a ton of furniture for very low prices, 
offered that they only had to pay half rent their first month in.

and now just because of one little stain in my bedroom they want us to pay him $700 to have the carpets in ALL of the rooms replaced. 
he already owed us the half-rent and the furniture.
he said if we don't pay him, he won't take the furniture or the apartment. and unfortunately- that would be so much more expensive to try and pay (two months of rent along with trying to sell furniture from far, and all that.) 

both of my roommates don't have the money right now, so we had to brunt the full cost and they will pay be back over time. 

I'm just so f**ing stressed and pissed off to tears about this. 
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Quin gives no fucks.
Stupid Tuk, you ain't scary son!

ah well- hes a goofus, and everyone knows it. even him. 
this is pretty much just a silly picture for halloween, he probubly tried to scare her and she was just like 'pft wat?' anyhow, enjoy~
happy halloween kitties~

Quin belongs to metaaaaaaaaal :iconmetallicmulisha-17:
Kind Traveler by Kona-Ann
Kind Traveler
Oh Nadir.... you pudge- eating all of the food. 
just cause its offered dosen't mean you have to eat ALL of it!!

ah well xD
this is from an RP with :iconyelsah: and I. 
Big Bad Bear

A DotW RP By:
:iconkona-ann: & :iconsparkanine:


:iconkona-ann: Through his venturing, Nakota has found himself between a rock and a hard place. actually between two rather strong scents, that of Kausen and Havir. while he was technically not in their territory, he found he was too dangerously close for comfort in that small stretch of land between them. This being so- he decided it would be best if he moved along. only now did he realize how ill advised this decision was as he found himself tromping through the snow of the mountains. it was the only way he could have gone if not backwards! but now he was wishing he had. “curses! why do I always p-p-put myself in th-th-these s-s-situations?!” he grumbled under his fogging breath as he took large steps through the snow. had he known that this adventure was about to get much bigger than he had bargained for- he would have stayed home! or whatever makeshift sleeping place he had made for himself the previous night.

:iconsparkanine: The day was starting to die out as the sun began to set over the horizon, the evening stars starting to show themselves in the multi-shaded sky. Valemon, King of the North, was making his rounds around his mountain scape, his heavy steps seeming light over the snow with his unique snowshoe like feet. The large polar bear had already gone through most of his life and now he lived at ease in these lands. He was just about to make his way back to his cave when he heard a voice. Lifting his large head, he looked around until he caught sight of a wolf past few pine trees. His lips twitched as he began to move toward him, not in a hurry though, just walking as he spoke out in a booming like voice. ”You there, what business do you have here, on my mountain?” He asked, his form visible, but almost blended against the snow. Valemon didn’t mind others on his land, but he always wanted to know why they were here and what they were doing.

:iconkona-ann: Nakota had come to a stop, taking a minute to breath as he hung his head. his frame gave a light shiver and his breaths forming little bouts of fog. it seemed almost deadly quiet but only just before the booming voice erupted into the air. the poor wolf leapt about a foot in the air, whirling around with wide eyes and a dropped jaw as he looked frantically for the source of this powerful voice. his fright, however, was not calmed as his green orbs came to land upon the massive white bear, riddled with scars. “ah-b-b-wha-ahh- ” the young male stammered nervously as he tried to form words- ney, find them in the first place! he could feel his heart pounding against his rib-cage, his already shakey breath was rapid and paced. “I uh- Well...y-you see! I um…. N-no reason, really! ah- just…..just…..happened to end up h-here…. is all… heh” he continued to stammer, leaving it off with a wide, nervous, toothy smile. his ears were pressed tightly to his skull and his tail was tucked neatly between his legs while he attempted to walk backwards- only to hit his rump on one of the tree trunks. He gulped silently to himself before looking to the huge creature before him. ‘oh goddess PLEASE help me’ he whimpered in his head.

:iconsparkanine:The large polar bear watched the wolf leap into the air with fright, raising a brow as it did so before it stared at Valemon with wide eyes and an open maw. This was normal though, Valemon figured, after all; most every creature that saw him had something close to the same reaction. The large bear rolled his brown eyes as he listened to the wolf stammer on and on- and as the wolf backed away, the bear would move step by step closer to him, until the young wolf had his rear against a tree trunk. Valemon stopped in front of the wolf; a paw swipe away from the large bear, and about a wolf’s length away for the wolf. He rose up onto his hind legs, standing on them as he looked down at the wolf before he spoke again. ”What are you planning to do then!” He roared out, standing there with his forearms hanging at his sides as he judge the young wolf below him. Valemon wasn’t going to hurt the wolf, honestly he enjoyed the fright he gave the creatures of this land; it was laughable, but the bear did want to know of the wolf. He wanted to know if he was one to beg the gods for help, or stand his ground and fight, or tuck tail and flee- with a trail of yellow snow behind him.

:iconkona-ann: Nakota had unfortunately pinned himself against the tree- so he had nowhere to go as the mammoth of a creature came towards him. “ahhhhhhh;; ” he whimpered softly- having to crane his neck upwards just to see the bear’s face now that he had gotten onto his hind legs. he gave a bit of a more audible gulp as he still remained scrunched against the tree in any attempt to distance himself further from the goliath. “n-n-nothing!! I swear! I mean no harm!!” he yelped. he was trying to avoid hostility at all costs! he was built for running- NOT for fighting! if this beast wanted him to leave he would go! and happily!.... perhaps finding an unmarked place in this land would be harder than he thought!

:iconsparkanine: Valemon grunted at the wolf’s replied before he came down heavily on his front paws, snow blowing away with the impact. Valemon stared at the young wolf before he chuckled. ”My name is Valemon, I am King of these lands, what is your name, young wolf?” Valemon’s composer had completely changed, though he was threatening looking from his size and scars- all other means of being hostile toward the wolf had left. The wolf was scared, and lost- he wasn’t a threat to Valemon, or his lands; he need Valemon’s help in the polar bears eyes, so help he would offer.

:iconkona-ann: Nakota still looked on with caution. his brows arched upwards, his ears back, and his tail whipping from side to side. all signs that he was cautious- but also confused. his green eyes darted around the bears frame almost as if he were analyzing the polar bear. while still rather tentative- the young wolf nodded his head in what seemed like an attempt to bow at his title. his father had taught him well what ‘kings’ not to challenge. “My name is Nakota...” he said- looking between the bear and the floor several times. “I am Alpha-blood of the Fenriell pack- in the land of Narrok….. or should I say ‘was’...” he said- mumbling the last bit with a touch of shame.

:iconsparkanine: Valemon listened to the young wolf speak; raising a brow when he spoke of alpha-blood and his homeland. Valemon nodded as he turned and began to walk away speaking as he did so. ”Come with me, Nakota, we will get you out of this weather, feed you, and in return, I would like to learn more about your homeland, Narrok- and this Fenriell pack you hail from.” Valemon said, though the large bear didn’t stop as he spoke. He wasn’t going to force the wolf to come with him, but he had a feeling that Nakota would. King Valemon was all about knowledge, when ever he could learn something new of lands far away, he would; and this was one of those chances.

:iconkona-ann: As the bear king began walking, Nakota lifted his head. his expression remained the same as he looked on- but as Valemon finished his words, a smile broke onto the young male’s face and his tail began to wag. “I would be honored!” he announced as he began to prance after the bear- though this stride quickly became tiring in snow that nearly reached his chest. he slowed to a gentle trot- still having to push through the flakes of ice. this gargantuan creature made have nearly stopped his heart from beating- but he did offer shelter from the cold! and something to eat! not to mention he was even interested in his previous pack!!...... he was just hoping this wasn’t all just a ploy to eat him….

:iconsparkanine: Valemon turned his head as he watched the young and small wolf tread through the snow before he chuckled and rolled his shoulders some. ”Young wolf, shall I make a path for you?” The bear asked before he started to drag his steps some, creating a well carved out path for any creature walking behind him, not only that but Valemon’s large form also sheltered those behind him from the wind. 

Before long, they’d reach a large open mouthed cave and once Valemon walked through it, he’d shake himself off and then continue to move toward the back. The cave was large, very large, in fact, it opened up into a large cavern, littered with ice and various other den beddings from other creatures that came to live near Valemon and work for him. So of those creatures were there now; snow owls, mountain lions, foxes and even a few lone wolves; one mountain lion, a very dark brown shelion, raced up to Valemon and gave him a quick report before he nodded. ”Very well, please get something to eat for this weary traveler please, bring it to my resting spot.”The mountain lion raced off. Valemon would then turn and look at Nakota. ”Come wolf, this way.” The King stated as he made his way to the large ice structure in the back. The large bear settled down upon it, much like an icy throne, and let out a relaxed sigh. ”Now then, Nakota.. Speak of your home.” He waved his left paw at him in a ‘it’s your turn to speak’ kind of gesture, a calm smile on his face when he did so; and soon after the shelion returned, dropping off a nice chunk of elk meat near Nakota before bowing in respect then darting off to finish her duties for the day.  

:iconkona-ann:  Nakota chuckled lightly, realizing he must have looked a bit silly. embarrassed he gave a light nod. “thank you- how very kind…” he mentioned. once he was following the now carved path, he gave a light shiver. this shiver, however, appeared to be the last, as the Bear’s thankfully thick frame shielded him from the brisk, cold, winds. perhaps befriending this creature was not such a bad idea!... certainly a better idea than getting on his bad side!

As they reached the large cave, the young wolf stopped a few paces in looking up at the amazing structure. fog rose from the canine’s maw with the light whisper of him resounding ‘wooow…’. he continued to look about until the sound of smaller paw steps caught his attention. his eyes widened and he looked around a bit more swiftly- now seeing the other animals that seemed to reside here…. it gave him a bit more comfort, knowing that if these creatures were safe….. so must he be. he became especially more calm at the appearance of other lost wolves. he took a soft breath and sighed it out in relief- padding after the bear as he was instructed to follow. his eyes still gazed around their surrounding until they came to a stop. he gave a smile- taking a breath to respond when the meat was brought. his tail picked up in a chipper wag and he could feel his stomach turning over itself as the scent of the fresh morsal meat his nose. still- he assumed it might be rude to chow down before exchanging his part of the deal. “thankyou” he said with a light nod to the mountain lion before she ran off- and then his attention was brought back to the bear. “If only I could share visual’s of the land, sir- my memories of it are very fond. it was a beautiful place. Narrok spanned from dry prairie lands and rolling hills to frosted mountains quite like this. but Fenriell was the forest where my Pack thrived. or…. shall i say my Father’s pack. The Soil was very fertile, always sprouting up new plants, and the trees grew tall and strong! and many different kinds! our pack was large in numbers, very proud and strong. and rightfully so if I do say so myself!.... My Father Byron was a great wolf, very fun loving and always caring for his pack- but also strong, and knowing when situations were serious…. I suppose one might say we could have been a bit….TOO proud… however- or we might not have been in the battle that was our downfall. I would still be there had the few pack members i found had not nearly chased me off.” he explained, looking down. his ears were back and his tail now tucked around his leg as he sat. he wore a look of shame. what kind of wolf could call himself an Alpha’s son if he hadn't stood up against his own pack to help them as he had intended? this King must have thought him weak for it.  

:iconsparkanine: Valemon was content, sitting on his ‘throne’ as he listened to Nakota’s past. His homeland sounded beautiful, and fruitful, as well thought out when the great creators painted it. The large bear closed his chocolate brown eyes as he imaged the terrain and land in his head; as well as the pack that was spoken of; and the wolf’s father. It sounded like a strong pack, one that had gotten caught up in pride- it was many’s downfall, and Valemon knew it all to well. ”Your homeland sounds like a wonderful place to live in, for a wolf; I myself prefer icy cool regions…” The bear admitted as he opened his eyes and looked upon Nakota, who still hadn’t touched his meat. ”Go on, eat, I know you must be hungry after your journey.” He gestured toward the meat with his large paw, a smile kept on his face as he leaned back in the throne a bit and let out a relaxed sigh. ”Many will learn of your homeland, and the pack that was consumed by pride- as most history is spoken of as stories here, in this mountain.” The large polar smiled as a few young creatures, no more than half a year old scampered away giggling, thinking that they had just snuck in to here a magical story- of they would act out a few scenes in the coming days and then it will become a before night fall tale; the story of Nakota and his home of Narrok. Valemon chuckled. ”You are welcome to stay here as long as needed, Nakota, I can have a bed made for you and you may rest your weary paws, fill up on food- and come morning, or in a few days, if you choose to leave, you may; we will not stop you or force you to stay. But, if you do stay, you will be given a task, as all creatures that come into this caverns mouth and choose to seek refuge here, must pull their weight, one way or another.” Valemon was a kind king, for the most part, but he was a true king and knew when he needed to be strict or even violent, for that was why he was king now, and why many respected him for keeping such title and living up to its role.

:iconkona-ann:  Nakota looked back up to the beast as he was spoken to once more. slowly, a smile grew upon his maw and he nodded lightly, looking to the children as then scampered off reenacting the story he had just told. he looked back up with a light nod. “Thankyou- sir” he said as he laid down, pulling the meat closer with his paw and beginning to gnaw on it a bit. his tail wagged a bit. not only did it taste good but it settled his aching stomach something wonderful! he continued to eat at the succulent meat when Valemon began speaking again, offering his to stay and explaining the rules. Nakota lifted his head, licking his chops and perking his ears as he listened. the curious expression turned back to an appreciative smile and his tail resumed wagging. “you are such a kind king! It almost makes me feel ashamed for being so afraid of you at first sight” he admitted with a light chuckle. “perhaps I shall stay here for a day or few. your arrangement seems fair” he said. though he had only been a loner for a few days- it didn’t take him long to realize that he was all too used to the life of living in a pack. it wouldn’t hurt to at least try- even if he came to find that it did not suit him. 

:iconsparkanine: The large white bear stared down at the young wolf, listening to him speak and smiling slightly as he let out a soft chuckle. ”Ah yes, I do frighten many at first sight, tis’ to be expected though, after all; I am quite a large and fearsome creature. Valemon responded as he then nodded. Your stay is welcome, if you need anything, find me or the lioness from earlier, she knows how to reach me if I am not here.” King Valemon then rose to his large paws and turned, walking behind the large ice like throne and into the small cave that resided behind it- his own quarters. He knew the young wolf would be safe here, sheltered from the outside elements and well fed. Not only that but he would have the opportunity of meeting many other creatures the lived under Valemon’s watchful eye, and protection. 

:iconkona-ann:  Nakota smiled, giving a respective nod as the bear lumbered off deeper into his cave. he laid there for a moment, breathing calming as his mind ran about. his tail picked up in a brisk wagging before he went on to finish the meal that had been brought to him. once that was finished, he licked his lips and pushed himself to his paws. he would indeed stay here a few days at the very least. while he may have had other plans- it was never bad to have a back-up, and this place seemed like the perfect back-up. not to mention, having a polar bear on your side may come in handy. so for now, he trotted about the cave, meeting the other inhibitors, trying to be friendly and corrigible. he wanted to establish a good relationship. 
DotW RP: Big Bad Bear
RP between :iconsparkanine: and I :3 with Nakota and Valemon.
poor little pup nearly pee'd himself. but its all good now :D
there may be a picture to go with this in the future.

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