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Wed Mar 4, 2015, 10:14 AM
Sun Feb 22, 2015, 1:42 PM

Late night Livestream… 

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Quarter-life Crisis, and idea bubbles

Journal Entry: Sat May 16, 2015, 10:03 PM

My life has been a Whirlwind of flying monkey's 

with the sudden and major flip in our financial situation
I became stressed,
i became Paniced,
and I began to question everything in my life

Infact, since i graduated last september, i have been feeling like a piece of crap, and feeling like an utter and Complete failure because I couldn't get a job (FullSail does a good job of that;;)
and I've been so stressed out and busy from work that i come home so exhausted and demotivated- I can't practice a darn thing.

But an AMAZING THING happened you guys.

I attended my first Comic Con on Friday... and I know it sounds stupid like 'you're talking about being poor but you're going to Cons?'

Yeah- I know, it sounds stupid
but I had plan's to go before this whole shit storm hit

My Cousin told me about it and i had never ben to a Comic Con before
I was initially thinking like 'WHOO YEAH! CONVENTION! LET GO! YAIY'
but after all of this.... I decided to take a new approche
I spent a lot of my time in the artist section, talking to the artists, asking them questions, looking at their amazing work, and letting them know that I was an aspiring Illustrator (and gosh i hope i didn't annoy the crap out of my friend X'D ). it makes me well up thinking about out amazingly nice, and helpful these artists were! 
I gave them my business card and I hope I get to talk to some of them soon!

Anyways. It made me realize in my time(however short and sudden it was) of 'strife' that when i break myself down....
Im an Illustrator, a Drawer, and a Story Teller.

I love Animation, I do. I love the ideas, the techniques, everything that goes into it. and I know its what i went to school for but..... for now its going to have to wait.

I still want to practice and perfect my Animation skills, because lord knows they need polishing-
but if this exhaustion/sickness persists, and I only have the strength to practice one craft.... i want that to be my illustrating. and Heck- who doesn't want to be a comic book artist, am i right?

I apologize- I needed to pour my heart out about this you guys- Im just SO FRAEKING EXCITED
you know- for the first time in MONTHS, i looked through my work and said to myself 'damn.... you've got some good stuff here.'
i lost my Confidence, but I am collecting the pieces.... they may be less scattered then I thought. 

on a somewhat similar topic>?

I've had lingerings of ideas for a group
but I'm not going to get too much into it, mostly because im sure you guys are sick of my hyping my ideas up only to have me completely and utterly fail HAH
WaR has been closed(for applications), and Sparky and Toyota (bless their souls) have been helping me pick the pieces back up so we can make it even more than it was originally intended

I won't blabber on about this other group in mind, and i won't gravel for admins, because its still just a thought.
i'm happy to share this thought if you're interested, however.
i'll just leave it with this plain thought:
Art/RP group revolving around super heros/villians (and the guilds/leagues/alliances they belong to)

any whoo..... I feel like I had more to say but.... i can't think of anything


Steve Sharar
Todd Nauck
Jen Broomall
Jay Fosgitt
Jeremey Vickery (he wasn't at MC CC but still an amazing artist i've had the pleasure of speaking with and you should go check out his work)


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Elise Ann Becker
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United States
Hello! my name is Kona Elise Ann Becker but you can call me Kona! 8D

Other Accounts:
FoM Manga account: :iconfangs-of-midnight:
MLP:FiM account: :iconpatter-paw:
Commission are open!

feel free to send me a note if you're interested!

and don't forget the special offer! right here:


Commission Menu


Sketches: $10.00
Chibis: $10.00
Busts: $5.00
Waist-Ups: $15.00
Full-Body: $20.00

Lines: +$0.00
Flat Color: +5.00
Cell Shade: +10.00
Soft-Shade: +25.00

Simple BG: +$15.00
Complex BG: $20.00

(note that these prices are still very much on the fence since i have never sold one before. and these prices will be heavily weighed on complexity. there is a high chance these prices may rise after more practice while i study how much work and money goes into them.)

base price still-standing sculpture: $50.00

base price poseable doll: $150.00

:star:select one from each section and add it together for the price.
:bulletred:The only options for Sculptures are bust/waist up/full body, and still-standing/poseable doll

:star: the prices range from $5.00 to $60.00 for illustrations

:star: $55.00 to $165.00 for Sculptures (again, still heavily weighed by complexity.)

:star: prices are subject to slight modification depending on complexity of the commission

my Nick-names?
Kona if fine for me ^^

I love Comments and Critiques more than Favorites :)



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